Among the hardest parts of getting stronger and fitter is making exercise a habit. Habits take determination and time.

Every one of us is guilty of making a hundred “explanations” to justify why we can not move to get off the sofa. Too tired? Too cold? Too stressed? Don’t have enough time?

We decided we get in contact with a whole lot of Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Researchers to learn what makes them tick and what customs we will need to develop. (Let’s face it, these people have learnt to love exercise and make it a daily habit to maneuver, so who better to ask?)


1. Always do SOMETHING.

Just do some type of movement for 20 minutes.10 minutes. Even 5 minutes. Something is better than nothing.

2. Get friends and family involved.

Keep it sociable and enjoyable. Having others involved increases motivation, which is demonstrated to improve results.

3. Prepare.

I roll my mat out/get my clothing and shoes out and prepared the night before as a visual reminder.

4. Remember how it feels to lose.

What does it feel like when you make a whole gym schedule- or make some plans ahead and fail to achieve them because of your own tardiness? That’s the feeling of failure. Active people remember that feeling and don’t want to feel that gain.

5. Make it fun.

Do something you like and is fun. Variety is the secret to stop boredom!

6. Have spare gear and clothes ready.

I keep exercise clothing and joggers in the car, just in case.

7. They stand more than just sit.

Yes, standing around doing nothing is just as unhealthy as sitting around doing nothing. But the difference is that doing something is easier when you’re standing as it removes the “get up” step.