Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art originating from Japan (modified in Brazil) that focuses on grappling. Practitioners use joint locks and chokes to defeat (tap) an opponent in competition, or to defend themselves in self defence. Studying jiu jitsu provides benefits to all practitioners. Some of the benefits are common to all martial arts, while others are specific to “jits.”

Physical Conditioning

Jiu jitsu training is much more rigorous than many other arts, owing to the nature of grappling. A typical session includes cardiovascular training, stretching, breathing, and a highly resistant opponent; the latter is derived from working with a resisting competition that sometimes outsizes you. These sessions increase flexibility and build endurance and strength.

Mental Conditioning

He who is impatient is unsuccessful. This is because timing and rhythm are critical to the physics behind jiu jitsu technique. Throw at the right moment or planning a complex set of movements to bait your opponent into falling into your trap themselves should feel effortless; forcing your opponent to submit at the wrong time is next to impossible. Practising jiu jitsu builds patience and the awareness to spot opportunities. With time, you will develop the ability to create opportunities, and with that, you will also lower your anxiety, as you develop confidence in your skills to create any opportunity.


In 1993, Royce Gracie proved to the world in the first ever UFC, that BJJ is the single most effective martial art against a single opponent. Now, of course we are in 2019 and things have changed- Mixing your martial arts training is always more successful than training a single art. But if you have to work a 9-5 and hustle to do a side gig- you may not have the luxury of training so many aspects of combat for the slim chance you’ll ever get attacked. Jiu Jitsu is the best single martial art there is.

If you are ever attacked, what you learn in this martial art has been proven time and time again to be applicable on even the most skilled attackers. Skilled jiu jitsu practitioners are capable of defending themselves and those they love from an assailant. It’s one of the advantages that strongly attracts people to the arts, although acquiring such skill requires years of practice.

Because of your mental and physical training, you will also be able to preempt attackers from approaching you and/or outrun any attackers pursuing you.


A jiu jitsu session involves accumulating a moderate collection of dings and bruises, becoming frustrated with methods and exercising to near exhaustion. But yet at the end of the day, you learn something new and that’s what makes Jiu Jitsu so enjoyable.