Discovering a hobby has more than one advantage

There are more than a few hobbies you can pursue. These days it’s more likely that people choose one that is a bit different from those of stamp or coin collecting.

The more traditional hobbies include;

  • leisure sports
  • crafts
  • reading
  • listening to music
  • and even bird-watching.

It is these hobbies that will often be found at the end of a CV or job résumé.


Finding your next hobby can be a fun and even thrilling adventure where the possibilities are almost endless.

There is a new range of hobbies that have grown in popularity despite the fact that they often involve a specialised field. The most prominent of the unusual hobbies involve collecting.

Clicking into a new collection

There is an undeniable enjoyment in collecting things. It is a time-honored tradition that goes back to early civilization. There is evidence that the pastime of coin collecting goes back to ancient times. The very first Roman Emperor, Caesus Augustus was known to give coins as gifts, including foreign money.

It is hardly surprising that Numismatics – the study or collection of currency – continues to fascinate people to this very day.

Whilst coin collecting has been a staple in the world of hobbies, there are many modern interests that have seen a growing base of followers over the years.

It is not uncommon for groups to enjoy the collection of dolls, model cars and planes, postcards, and comic books. The choice of what is deemed a collectible has broadened and simultaneously sub-divided into niche markets of their own. Card collecting has its own branches from playing cards, baseball cards and pop culture hit of Pokémon.

The resurgence of vinyl records, for example, has become a huge hobby since the product was in its death throes. Nowadays, there are a growing number of musical artists who have returned to issuing their music on vinyl. The records are often quick to become a true collectible of great value.

The sport of a sports hobby

The wide world of sport has spawned a number of hobbies right across the globe.

Whilst playing a particular sport for a hobby and not competitively is one aspect, the collection of sports paraphernalia and memorabilia is one of the most lucrative of all pastimes.

Famous sports uniforms such as football or basketball jerseys are a much sought-after item.

If the jersey is signed by the relevant star who wore that number, then the piece increases in infinite value. As with anything collectible, the rarer the item, the higher the starting price.

A football, basketball, baseball or cricket bat signed by a famous sportsperson can be worth its weight in gold, particularly upon the star’s retirement from the sport.

There are also cases where the sports star fades from the limelight and the collectible begins to lose its value with each passing year.

New and unusual sports memorabilia

The mainstream sports will always offer a wide variety of collectibles. There is now, however, a demand for less conventional and well-known sports memorabilia.

The sports of billiard and snooker have seen a revival in popularity with many worldwide tournaments raising the profile of the game. The prize money has also increased with world champions being able to enjoy a lifestyle their predecessors could only have dreamed of.

This has led to a unique market for things such as a specially signed set of billiard balls going for thousands of dollars. Autographed snooker accessories and photos also come with a higher asking price.

Whilst both billiards and snooker are not the highest-profile sports, you can see that the specialised discipline has a special value to its particular audience.

It is a similar story when it comes to other less traditional hobbies and fields of collectibles.

The lure of Cuban cigar

One of the most sought-after collectibles in the World are cigars from Cuba.

Whilst being made from the finest tobacco on Earth, a high-quality Cuban cigar can be not just a collectible item but an actual investment.

The rarer, the better. This is why some of the most unique brands as well as vintage and special limited edition cigars can garner exorbitant prices.

With the U.S. embargo on importing Cuban cigars and the heavy limitations on being able to produce larger quantities, cigars from Cuba have only grown in value in the last decade.

Some of the top brands of limited edition cigars have not been produced since the 1990’s. It is the scarcity of such a quality item that pushes its value beyond an everyday purchase and into the realm of an investment.

High-grade cigars follow a similar path as to the aging of fine wines. They actually improve over time in their taste if stored correctly. An untouched set of cigars can be worth thousands of dollars. Is it any wonder that people are reluctant to actually smoke the specimens?

Cigars and their boxes as in-demand items

It is not just the humble cigar that has become a collectible. There is a growth in the market for rare and antique cigar boxes.

The price range varies on how much collectors are willing to pay for a cigar box. The key elements that come into play for how much each box is worth includes;

  1. The condition of the box
  2. The materials from which it is made
  3. The scarcity of the item
  4. Any connection to notable people (such as Winston Churchill’s penchant for cigar smoking)
  5. If the box is part of a commemoration (e.g. World War II Victory in Europe)

The value of cigar boxes can start for as little as $20 and grow to $5,000 or more depending on the listed factors and the market hunger.

Ways to help you choose your next hobby

Many people would like the idea of choosing a new hobby but get stuck for inspiration.

If collecting is your thing, you can look around and research something that suits your taste.

One of the great things about taking up a hobby is to identify an interest you already have then spend more time dedicated to pursuing it.

It can be anything from; learning an instrument, building model toys, cooking classes, beekeeping or calligraphy. The list is limitless.

With a little homework into what is possible, what you like, and the cost involved in following your interest, you can make a new start and be enjoying your new hobby in next to no time.

The rewards will almost always triumph over the risk of taking up a new endeavor. The only real limitations are your imagination and your free time.

Finding your next hobby could well be the way you find a new lease of life.