On a wedding day, it’s not just the bride who can impress

Dressing up for an event is always part of the fun and excitement.

An outstanding outfit can take weeks, even months of planning. The whole thing about a wedding is that you will have time to plan that knockout outfit and make the best possible impression.

There’s a beauty in dressing up for an occasion, but there’s nothing quite like dressing up for a wedding.

The only rule of thumb you need to follow is not to outdo the wedding couple. That’s not just a No, that’s a Never!

It’s their day and you wouldn’t want to take away from their time in the limelight. For everyone else, the title of Best Dressed is entirely up for grabs.

That’s where the secret ingredient (that is not so much a secret anymore) is to use the power of colour contact lenses to really make your mark.

How coloured contacts can work for you

The thing about the clothes you wear is that they show part of your personality. They reflect your sense of style, and your mood and reveal a little of who you are.

The best outfits also take your natural gifts and make the most of what you already have. There is nothing quite like the way your sense of dress can bring out the tone of your skin, your hair and most importantly, your eyes!

That’s where coloured eye contacts come into the equation.

You might be thinking that you aren’t looking or feeling your best when it comes to getting a wedding invitation. You may even be wondering what you could possibly wear that would work well.

There’s a new way of looking at the opportunity to really shine. Rather than pay a small fortune for a whole new outfit, you can turn something already in your wardrobe or one of your favourite looks into something completely new with the help of coloured contact lenses.

Here’s how they can work wonders for you and why it makes sense to get yours happening for you.

Colouring your eyes and making your day

It may sound strange and a bit over the top to say that changing the colour of your eyes can change your whole outfit and the way you wear it. The thing is, it could be true for you.

The way your eyes reflect the colour of what you are wearing is no longer a special secret. The special ingredient for your wedding outfit can be the right pair of coloured contact lenses matching or enhancing what you wear.

You could go with anything from;

  • A dark blue with a matching outfit or a light blue to contrast 
  • A deep brown to draw the eye from your coffee or chocolate coloured outfit
  • Green eyes that highlight the green in what you are wearing
  • A bold colour like violet or even purple accentuates your eyes when dressing in light colours
  • Choosing a grey pair of coloured contacts makes black all the more impressive

Contrasting or concentrating the colour you wear with matching coloured lenses is the perfect way to impress at a wedding or engagement party. Just remember not to go too far or you might just steal the thunder from the couple. 

The colour combinations you never thought of

There is any number of style guides and fashion blogs and vlogs that say you can do this or that. It’s almost like they have a list of rules that cannot be challenged or ever broken.

While blue and brown together are a very tricky combination and may not work well no matter what you do. There are deliberate clashes that can really add oomph to your outfit or bring out the pizzazz in a great way.

Maybe you are going formal and safe with a mainly black or deep blue look. Then you add a brooch or a scarf that is light blue with coloured lenses that match.

One combination that could pull you into the limelight is red and green. You have a wicked and winning red dress but your natural eye colour doesn’t really add much power to it. Now you can include a bright or vibrant green (with matching earrings) and you have the Wow factor working for you.

If you are wearing a red and black number and have the matching necklace, earrings and even lipstick, why not go one step more?

It might be a step too far for some but adding red coloured lenses is a pretty simple and super-effective way to pack a punch.

Mixing and matching your looks

Who said that everything has to match perfectly? 

The perfect match should be left to the couple getting married. As a guest at the wedding, you can try a new trick that is slick and fun.

The idea is that you flaunt the imperfection by using different coloured lenses so that your eyes don’t match. You could have a light and dark colour combination, a complimentary pair like blue and grey or green and hazel or go for contrasting colours.

It’s an idea that movie stars and pop artists took on to try and stand out from all the rest. 

You can even go with a wild look for the wedding reception like a snow beast, demon or cat eye contacts

If you are wanting to make a splash at your next wedding, then coloured contact lenses are your ticket.

A special wedding gift that will impress

There are lists and lists of presents and wedding gifts these days. From luxury items like a full picnic kit with caviar, Cuban cigars and cognac as well as crystal wine glasses in the couple’s initials. 

One gift that keeps giving is a set of different coloured lenses. 

The couple gets to choose from a variety of shades and colours that you and your friends have organised. The gift can be any number of lenses but a dozen is a good number (that’s six for each of them so they can match or twelve different pairs). Just remember to get the special contact lens kit and solution to keep them at their best.

It’s a lot of fun to play with the different looks and it’s a great way to celebrate the start of a marriage.

Whether you use coloured lenses when you dress to impress or give them as a gift, the fun factor that comes with each pair is really something to look forward to.